We are looking to environmentally upgrade our computers and technology . Consider donating computers, smartphones or tablets so they can get a second life here at Second Stage Studio.

Email us with anything you would like to donate
and we will make arrangements for a pickup or drop off.

Please Donate Technology
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Music, Poetry, Readings
Thursdays 7:30-9:30
July 10th thru August 21st
Call 401-334-4800 to Register
Visit openmicsecondstage.weebly.com for more information!
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Second Stage on One Angell
Private Lessons

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Group Classes

~Song Writing
~Music Theory
Sound Recording
Awakening Through the Creative Spirit Ages 5-8

Angel Bear Yoga Ages 5-8
Creative Drama Ages 8-11

Ages 11- Adult
(By Invitation or Audition only)
Foodzen Written by: Joanne Vecchio and the Creative Drama Class
Enrichment Through
The Arts
Second Stage Repertory Company
Here at Second Stage Studio, we are a proud supporter of the MET School. Click Here for more about the MET Internship Opportunities that we offer here at Second Stage!